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After a Flood:  The First Steps Homeowners Guide to Retrofitting:  Six Ways to Protect Your House from Flooding
Overview of what to do after your home has been flooded.  Includes tips on where to go for help and things to be aware of. 173 pages of detailed instruction on residential flood-proofing methods.
Against the Wind:  Protecting Your Home from Hurricane and Wind Damage Avoiding Hurricane Damage:  A Checklist for Homeowners
Brief overview of structural components of homes.  Detailed discussion of damage mitigation techniques that can be applied to protect your home during a hurricane including truss and gable end bracing, hurricane straps, entry door and garage door reinforcements, and storm shutters. Practical guide to improvements that can be made to existing homes to mitigate hurricane damage.  Some suggestions require professional help (plumber, contractor, electrician, etc)
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FEMA How-To Series
Protecting Your Property from Wind: Protecting Your Property from Flooding:
Garage Doors
Shutters or Plywood Window Covers
Brace Gable End Roof Framing
Double Entry Doors
Trees and Potential Windborne Missiles
Exterior Walls
Electrical System
Fuel Tanks
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Equipment
Sewer Backflow Valves

These FEMA documents and others are available by calling the FEMA Publications Distribution Facility at 1-800-480-2520
FEMA 055:  Coastal Construction Manual
FEMA 085:  Manufactured Home Installation in Flood Hazard Areas
FEMA 116:  Reducing Losses in High Risk Flood Areas:  A Guide for Local Officials
FEMA 213:  Answers and Questions About Substantially Damaged Buildings
FEMA 257:  Mitigation of Flood and Erosion Damage
FEMA 259:  Engineering Principles and Practices for Retrofitting Flood Prone Residential Buildings
FEMA 312:  Homeowner's Guide to Retrofitting:  Six Ways to Protect Your House from Flooding
FEMA 361:  Design and Construction Guidance for Community Shelters