Hurricane Engineering I
Course Description
     The course objective is to provide students with a basic knowledge of effects of hurricanes, floods, and extreme wind events on buildings and other structures; for the students to be able to apply their knowledge to analyze these effects; and to select/create design alternatives to minimize these effects.  The specific student outcome objectives are:
  • To have a basic understanding of the interaction of these hazards with the built environment, including damage mechanisms.
  • To understand the role of building codes and standards in determination of structural loads and resistances.
  • Using first principles learned in fluid mechanics and hydraulic courses, in combination with methods in codes and standards, be able to develop environmental load estimates on a variety of buildings and o ther structures.
  • Apply principles first learned in structural analysis (such as tributary area and load path) to evaluate the effects of these environmental loads, such as uplift, lateral, and overturning forces and moments on components and main structural systems.
  • To be able to select and/or create structural designs to successfully resist the lateral, uplift, and gravity load combinations caused by the hazards.
Information for Instructors
Course Content and Objectives